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Exploring A Decade | 1960s

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completely jacking @NLbway’s threads from RG Kinda simple thread. Basically we try to discover/listen to

What are you listening to?

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Since we got a pinned thread like this in the rapgenius forums, I thought I’d start one here. You can

Top 5 albums by The Isley Brothers?

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For me Go For Your Guns is definitely #1 followed by Brother, Brother, Brother. After that it becomes a

Underrated artists

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Hey! Have you got any underrated r&b artists I could update my playlist with? I really enjoy listening to

Usher All About U (Unreleased Album lyrics)

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Can we add some lyrics to the unreleased Usher album All About U?

Help me out???

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hey does anyone want to right a song with me or at least help me write another together??????? plz let me

Soundcloud R&B singers

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Hi, i’m looking for new soundcloud r&b singers to follows Can you guys recommend someone?

Reccomend me some contemporary R&B

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2010s artists

Trey Songz - Jill (Sumn Real)

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQg4rip4ujg&start_radio=1&list=RDvQg4rip4ujg I’ve been replaying this

Help me identify this old song

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The opening lyrics include the words “Please stand” and “[?] on my command.” I thought it was Sam And

Discography Ranking #2 - Michael Jackson

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I’ve ranked the king of pops discography except for his first 4 albums because he didn’t have much say in

Rap r/b

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I am a song writer r/b pop if u need good Music that’s real and timeless message me For info and song

Straight from The Underground

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