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Idea Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to Genius Ideas! What is Genius Ideas? This is a place to post your ideas about the website

I want to delete messages/conversations!

17 posts latest by GaigeGenius 4 hours ago

Not that hard to explain, I would like to see a feature that allows us to delete conversations out of the

Can Genius be a multilanguage website ?

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Hoping that this discussion will lead to something… Hello, I’m a french editor on Genius, and I think

Genius Results on Google

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I was asked by @streetlights to put sort of like a header on Despacito (Remix) bio so that the word letra

Leaderboard Changes

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Sup Genius squad. I’m hoping it’d be possible to have a few things changed regarding the leaderboards on

Indie Genius

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Most of Genius discussion tends to gravitate to hip-hop/pop music, and I think it’d be nice to have a

Remove a view (when you refresh you get one view each page refresh)

I use lot it sometime is hard but annoying I discover when you everytime refresh or visit the page you

Ability to mark songs as singles

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We should have the ability to mark songs as singles so the album is not shown as missing metadata.. I’m

Genius Is For The Genius

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plug in to the great beyond minus the fawn on the lawn one must dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well

Add an option to explain why you deleted an annotation.

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Hey there! I wondered if it’s possible to add an option to explain yourself why you deleted an

Adding different CDs from the same compilation

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Hi there, it could be a great idea adding in an album different CDs, like different lists for each CD (

Projects sorted by category

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I was looking at Tinashe’s discography and something that bothered me was that her shelved album Nashe

Albums Section Optimization

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Currently the albums section on an artist page is just a list of all albums. My suggestion is to

New forum idea (:

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wouldn’t a playlist or currently listening to forum be really cool? that way all genres could share music


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Most modern writers lack the skill and drive to possess our minds for very long. I want to be driven to