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The Wreckage

About The Wreckage

The Wreckage was a hard rock band from Omaha, Nebraska founded by Emphatic’s founder, guitarist and songwriter Justin McCain. The band consisted of vocalist Grant Joshua Kendrick, bassist Matt Oliver, drummer Matt Denker, and guitarists Mark Beckenhauer and Eric Whitney. Matt Oliver, Mark Beckenhauer, and Eric Whitney are all known for being in other Omaha-based bands before joining The Wreckage. Matt Oliver is not a founding member. Their single “Breaking Through” made it on Sirius XM Octane and the video for the song on YouTube officially uploaded by the band now had over one million views. In 2013, Justin McCain got The Wreckage signed to Epochal Artists Records. Denker, Oliver, Beckenhauer, and Whitney did not want to be signed, so they left. All four of them would later found the band Arson City shortly after.

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