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The Pack A.D.

About The Pack A.D.

Vancouver-based garage-psych duo The Pack A.D. have been ripping up the Canadian music scene since 2006. Where once they dabbled with electrified Delta Blues, guitarist/vocalist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller are constantly evolving to survive in the modern musical landscape. The pair seamlessly thread a sonic tapestry of genre-bending echoes to form a sound that is at once down to earth and lost in space. With literary-based and often poetic lyrics,
grunge-pop melodies, stomp-heavy rhythms, and ethereal harmonies, this band is one to watch, if nothing else than for their explosive live shows. Unapologetic feminist pathos, ruminations on depression and anxiety, and environmentalism culminate in a band whose chief concern is navigating a world that is both beautiful and ugly, unkind and life-giving.