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AKA: Marina and The Diamonds and Marina Diamandis

About Marina

Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known by her stage name Marina (formerly Marina and The Diamonds), is a Welsh singer-songwriter and musician.

The decision to release her upcoming and fourth album M4 without the trademark “and the Diamonds” stems from her desire to be “treated as a human, not a persona”:
After a brief hiatus in which the artist was public about her experiences with depression, Marina’s decision to change her stage name is not arbitrary. From writing lovesick ballads about suicidal ideation and issues with her family as a teenager to mature, genuinely uplifting music from her experiences, the decision to become “just Marina” is evocative of a far bigger evolution.

Growing up in Wales, England and Greece, Marina became “obsessed with becoming a singer, almost as if it was a disease.” After moving to London, it took four years before she established herself as a singer-songwriter. After several independently-released EPs, she placed 2nd on the BBC Sound of 2010 list.

In 2010, her album, The Family Jewels, was released to great success for a debut artist, reaching Gold certification in the UK.

Her 2012 sophomore album, Electra Heart, was a concept album in which she embraced the titular persona—a vapid, blonde “straight-up pop star” who arose out of her label’s demands for a more commercial pop sound and Marina’s desire to maintain artistic integrity. It became Marina’s most successful album, charting as the #1 album in the UK (debut place), Ireland and Scotland.

At the end of the era, Electra Heart was symbolically killed in the “Electra Heart” music video.

After a short break, Marina returned in 2015 with her third album, FROOT. Stepping back from the persona of Electra Heart, Marina delved into personal issues on the stripped back, mature record. Despite only garnering moderate commercial success, it was critically well-received.

As of 2016, Marina has been taking a break from music.

I just really can’t see myself doing this album, tour, rest, album, tour, rest, routine. I’m like kind of done with it.

In October 2017, she posted an open letter to fans.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to explore different interests, and starting marinabook is a part of that. I’m starting a Psychology course soon, which I am SO excited about, and I’m ready for a brand new chapter. I hope you’ll be a part of it.