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Icy Narco

AKA: Rolando Gomez

About Icy Narco

Rolando Gomez (Born June 23, 1998 in Miami, Florida), known professionally as Icy Narco is an American recording artist, and songwriter who first rose to fame following the release of “Viagra Niagra, but later came into more mainstream spotlight under the winng of Elliot Grainge’s 10K Projects label where he released songs such as “Numb & Frozen”, “Otherside”, and his biggest song to date, “LINK”. This success of these songs has helped him get onto major Hip-Hop media outlets such as XXL and WorldstarHipHop.

He has since went on to tease more tracks collaborating with fellow South Florida rappers such as Ohtrapstar, Kid Buu, and producer Jimmy Duval to create the first song he made after moving to LA, “Legend”. He has also announced a forthcoming debut project titled “Frozen Fable”, expected at some point in 2019.