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Gary Yampers

AKA: G. Yampers, YAMPERS, and Gary Yampi

About Gary Yampers

Gary Yampers is an American rapper, songwriter, producer, photographer, lead member of music group D9RTY NINE and founder of the ​rotten&proud collective.

He started off as a producer, under the Gary Yampi moniker, alongside Séan Henderson back in early 2015. Making their first record as a production team called “Dirty Nine,” which later became a trio when rapper Zplinter joined the group.

In November 2015, he founded his ​rotten&proud label, which only included himself and the other D9RTY NINE members back then.

In August 2018, he released his breakout “1980s” hit record, which a month later was included in D9RTY NINE’s debut project, CHURCHES.