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Two Steps From Hell

About “Battlecry”

Battlecry, released in 2015, was the eighth public album released by Two Steps From Hell and the thirtieth overall. It was described as an “epic follow-up” to SkyWorld, featuring 22 completely new tracks of the epic genre, alongside an altered version of Welcome to Amaria from Amaria and instrumental versions of two tracks (specifically Battleborne and Star Sky). None Shall Live is also a shorter instrumental version of Thomas Bergersen’s single Children of the Sun, the original featuring vocals by Merethe Soltvedt. Notably, it is the first public album to be released on two discs and also to feature new vocalist Felicia Farerre.

Additionally, the version available on Extreme Music features two tracks that were previously released as singles by Thomas Bergersen entitled That’s a Wrap and Children of the Sun, the former of which was solely created using Bergersen’s sample library and the latter of which features vocals by Merethe Soltvedt.

Finally, Victory, Cannon in D Minor and Star Sky would later be re-released as ringtones on Two Steps From Hell: Ringtones.

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