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Lady Gaga

About “ARTPOP”

ARTPOP is the fourth major release from Lady Gaga.

From the tracks currently out there, the concept involves the embracing of sexuality (Aura, MANiCURE, Sex Dreams), and ignoring the superficial elements for life for the sake of who you love (Applause, ARTPOP, Dope, etc.). Both strands intersect with the “be yourself” theme from Born This Way.

This album’s music is essentially electro-pop, but melds rock with EDM beat breaks, along with pinches of hip-hop and ballads. Structurally, this ain’t no paint-by-the-number record; the colors bleeds.

The visual direction is ruled by a team of modern artists. It also has a lot of fashion.

See the album art breakdown HERE.

See the annotated tracklist HERE.


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