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Jessie Reyez Considers Her Legacy & Gets Political On “Dear Yessie”

The searing single appears on her upcoming ‘Being Human in Public’ EP.

Jessie Reyez has made a name for herself writing unflinching, richly detailed songs about love and heartbreak, but on her new track “Dear Yessie” the singer and songwriter stops to consider her legacy and musical idols, while also taking aim at the Trump administration.

Part of her upcoming Being Human in Public EP, “Dear Yessie” was produced by and co-written by her frequent collaborator Tim Suby.

On the track’s bridge, Reyez seems to be alluding to the musical legacies of Amy Winehouse and Bob Marley, both of whom passed at a young age (27 and 36, respectively). Reyez sings:

I’m trying to die a legend, so I study legacies
But these W’s don’t come without some penalties
Like Bob and Amy, now they rest in peace
And thank God that this world’s been blessing me

Elsewhere on the track, Reyez likens herself to Barack Obama, and refers to herself as “the people’s champ,” while also throwing a shot at Melanie Trump. She also sings about ethnic discrimination and misogyny on the song’s opening verse, positioning herself as adversarial to the Trump regime. She says:

This is the realest I’ve ever been, realest I’ve ever been
Bitch, a minority, they wouldn’t let me in
Bitch, a minority, vexing your president
If I had a dick then I might get some preference

Reyez has referred to herself as “Yessie” previously, including on the track “Phone Calls.”

Reyez recently guested on “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy” off Eminem’s new album Kamikaze. She also appeared on Genius' Verified series to break down the track “Body Count.”

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