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Guardian Angel Lyrics

[Verse 1: Tyler James Williams]
They say I’m young
But my purpose is the inspiration of a nation innovation
Til' I change the talk into a conversation

I’m like a doctor and my patients are anxiously waiting
Healing all the hating
That faking in the paper chasin
It’s hard to live up to these expectations that I’m facing
And gain the admiration of an older generation

That’s why I’m pacing back and forth contemplating
Meditating how to use what I’ve been taught as a positive force

[Hook: Coco Jones]
Oh! (Oh!)
This is who I am
I wish you’d understand

It’s time to set me free
My Guardian Angel
No! (No!)
No matter what I do
I’m still a part of you
I hope you’ll always be
My Guardian Angel

[Verse 2: Tyler James Williams]
I wanna be the greatest in the world
Not for the money or the fame or the girls
Not for the car keys, jetskis or the vacation to the West Indies
But simply ‘cuz I love it

When I write I’m like a puppeteer
Pullin my strings, til' the melody sings

And the honesty makes me spread my wings
You calling me out was out of your mind
Send that thought back down your spine

I’m on the grind, it’s all on the line
Both sides say both ways at the same time

Most days I can’t wait to rhyme
Express my stress, elevate and shine

Progess, regress, each step’s climbed
So I take that test and I testify


[Verse 3: Tyler James Williams]
I feel so misunderstood
‘Cuz my intentions were good

If you could only see that poetry can hide in the hood
The passion in philosophy of possibilities
Every dream is in my reach
I’ll find my freedom in this beat
Follow me now, it’s a whole new ground
Swallow your pride I’ll make you proud

All of my life I’ve lived out loud
We just preached to different crowds


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