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To Holmgard and Beyond


To Holmgard and Beyond Lyrics

[Nygård ]
Far from the sea and distant lands
Came men with thirty ships
Had wanted to reach the Neva by night
But the weather was not on their side

[ Nygård ]
And as the wind grew stronger and stronger
The rain ran down our cheeks
The bow was turned towards Gardar
The sail flew up again

[Chorus: Turisas (All)]
Holmgard and beyond
That's where the winds will us guide
For fame and for gold
Set sail for those lands unknown


[ Nygård ]
Osmo and Dalk, Kyy, Kokko and Ulf
Were glad to be off the oars
Turo had eaten too much again
Now hanging himself overboard

[ Nygård ]
The Tostensson twins were excited as always
Adventure was their game
Myself, Hakon the Bastard
Was out to find my name

[Chorus: Turisas (All)]

[Narration: Jonathan Hutchings]
Who is "I" without a past?
A river without a source?
An event without a cause?

[Narration: Jonathan Hutchings]
Threads of different lengths
Some longer, some shorter
So many of them spun together

[Narration: Jonathan Hutchings]
The crones keep on weaving
The algorithm of our lives
Cause and effect, the fates of men

[ Turisas (All)]
We know the way to Aldeigju
Upstream the river Alode
You take us to the portage
And further (South)

[ Turisas (All)]
Long is the way to the unknown
Long are the rivers in the East
Far lies the land that Ingvar
And his men desire to reach

[ Nygård ]
Many dangers lie ahead
Some of us may never return
Rather sold as a slave to the Saracens
Than chained to your bed, chained by your life!

[Chorus: Turisas (All)]

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About “To Holmgard and Beyond”

“A Portage To The Unknown” was released as part of Turisas' second studio album, The Varangian Way, recorded in Hämeenlinna, Finland, and released on 27th May 2007.

The album peaked at #17 on the Finnish Album charts in 2007.

The Varangian Way is a concept album, telling the story of Hakon and his Viking crew on their journey through Europe. It also loosely follows the story of Harald Hadrada.

The song begins the story of Hakon and his men setting out on their journey to distant lands, in search of the unknown.

(Image: The back-cover of the Album, showing the route of the Varangian Way)

This is song 1 of 8. To follow the story through the album, next go to: “A Portage To The Unknown”