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Good Enough

Tiny Moving Parts

Good Enough Lyrics

Nothing’s ever good enough
Nothing’s ever good enough
Nothing’s ever good enough
The weather’s never cold enough
To drive me out

Chapter one needs to come
I have complained all morning
Now I can barely speak
There’s a message inside that tells me
I will shed this skin I’ll break free again

I’ve been searching for something
To keep me warm
To help me sleep at night
Come on
Is that a reward or a necessity?

Unplug the cord
Shuffle the cards
These ties have been tied too tightly
And I can barely breathe
Igloo mountains built high in the backyard
But all I see is melting

There’s blood on my flannel
Courage in my flask
If we move onward
We’ll never look back

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About “Good Enough”


The song title is pretty self explanatory, Dylan is experiencing deep discontent with his life, and wishes it to change, although he can’t quite bring himself to do anything about it because of his attachment to the past. Additionally, he feels a sense of guilt at wanting more from his situation, and wonders if any sort of life imaginable would be “good enough” for him to be happy with.

"Good Enough" Track Info