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The Race


The Race Lyrics

Fu-fu-fuck a beat, I was tryna beat a case (gang, gang)
But I ain't beat that case, bitch, I did the race (skrrt, skrrt)

Beat it up, where I nut? Shorty face (lil bitch)
Eli blast crackin' 4s like a vase (gang)
Pop a nigga then I go out my way (skrrrt)
Do the dash then I go out the way
Ro-ro-rob a nigga shoes, rob a nigga lace (gimme that shit, nigga)
We tryna see a hunnit bands in our face

Pimp gon' be eatin' good noodles every day (free Pimp)
Bitch, I'm drawin' doodles, Tay-K, paint the way (you're a simp)
Choppa tear your dudies into fish fillet (lil bitch)
I-I-I woke up too moody, who gon' die today? (skrrt)
Shoot a fuckboy in his mothafuckin' face (grrah, grrah)

We-we-we cookin' up, boy, you don't wanna go dat way (dat way, dat way)
Gotta go dat way, you get robbed for your rackades (rackades, rackades)
Gotta go dat way, boy, you not gon' be happy (hahaha)

I-I-I tote 50s, I'm a shooter like Young Pappy (pew)
Bitch try to rob, we make her dance, Michael Jackson (skrrrt)
We was plottin', y'all was tryna get the pack in (lil bitch)
Get the pack in, you get robbed for a fraction (gimme that shit)

I-I-I'm Lil Tay-K, I don't think you want no action (gang, gang)
You want action, you get turned into past tense (into past tense)
Your boys deep? Well, let's get to subtractin' (pow, pow)
Smith & Wesson made my 9 with subcompaction (skrrt, skrrt)

Fu-fu-fuck a beat, I was tryna beat a case
But I ain't beat that case, bitch, I did the race (skrrt, skrrt)

I'm gon' shoot, bitch, without a debate (gang, gang)
I'm gon' shoot, you can see it in my face (pow, pow)
Fuck a beat, I was tryna beat a case (grrah, grrah)
But I ain't beat that case, bitch, I did the race (skrrt, skrrt)

See it in my mothafuckin' face

About “The Race”

Taymor McIntyre, or “Tay-K”, is a 17 year old rapper from Arlington, Texas who was wanted for capital murder.

In July 2016, Tay-K was involved in a home invasion in Mansfield, Texas, that resulted in the death of 21 year old Ethan Walker. He was placed on house arrest, but cut off his ankle monitor and fled to New Jersey where he was caught by US Marshalls. He is currently waiting to be extradited back to Texas to be tried on charges of capital murder. It’s thought that he fled Texas because prosecutors were looking to try the then 16 year old as an adult, making him eligible for the death penalty.

The song is called “The Race” because he recorded it while being on the run from the feds. He began to gain popularity on the day of his arrest by strategically releasing “The Race.”

"The Race" Track Info