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Stay Lyrics

Stay with me
Come a little bit closer
Please don't leave

I don't even remember
That was it
Trust me I won't hurt you like before

Stop right there
Don't come anymore closer
I don't care
If you've forgotten about her
I'm okay and I won't let you hurt me anymore

Go ahead
I can see if you feel different
Words unsaid
Just created more distance
I'm aware
That maybe I can't have you anymore

Don't you dare
Tell me I'll be it on fire
I'm aware
Oh, I saw what you did there
Game well played
But I won't let you play me anymore

I can find a million reasons
Why you'd wanna walk away
If you know what I've been thinking
Now it's left for me to say
My time on my calender are counting on the days

I wish I can be easier
I'm sorry I can't (I'm sorry you won't)

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