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Blue Yodel No. 1 ("T For Texas")

Jimmie Rodgers

Blue Yodel No. 1 ("T For Texas") Lyrics

T for Texas
T for Tennessee [rpt]
T for Thelma
That gal that made a wreck out of me

If you don't want me mama
You sure don't have to stall [rpt]
Cause I can get more women
Than a passenger train can haul

I'm gonna buy me a pistol
Just as long as I'm tall [rpt]
I'm gonna shoot poor Thelma
Just to see her jump and fall

I'm goin' where the water
Drinks like cherry wine. [rpt]
Cause this Georgia water
Tastes like turpentine

I'm gonna buy me a shotgun
With a great long shiny barrel [rpt]
I'm gonna shoot that rounder
That stole away my gal

'Druther drink muddy water
Sleep in a holler log [rpt]
Than to be in Atlanta
Treated like a dirty dog

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About “Blue Yodel No. 1 ("T For Texas")”

This song made Jimmie Rodgers one of America’s first country music superstars. Rodgers is often credited with the invention of the country music, because he fused the mountain folk of The Carter Family with the raw blues of the delta, into a whole new genre.

"Blue Yodel No. 1 ("T For Texas")" Track Info