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전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)


전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) Lyrics

[방탄소년단의 전하지 못한 진심 가사]

[Verse 1: V]
외로움이 가득히
피어있는 이 garden
이 모래성에 난 날 매었어

[Verse 2: Jungkook]
너의 이름은 뭔지
갈 곳이 있긴 한지
Oh could you tell me?
이 정원에 숨어든 널 봤어

[Pre-Chorus: Jin]
And I know
너의 온긴 모두 다 진짜란 걸
푸른 꽃을 꺾는 손
잡고 싶지만

[Chorus: Jimin]
내 운명인 걸
Don't smile to me
Light on me
너에게 다가설 수 없으니까
내겐 불러줄 이름이 없어

[Post-Chorus: Jungkook]
You know that I can't
Show you me
Give you me
초라한 모습 보여줄 순 없어
또 가면을 쓰고 널 만나러 가
But I still want you

[Verse 3: Jin]
외로움의 정원에 핀
너를 닮은 꽃
주고 싶었지
바보 같은 가면을 벗고서

[Pre-Chorus: Jimin]
But I know
영원히 그럴 수는 없는 걸
숨어야만 하는 걸
추한 나니까

[Chorus: V]
난 두려운 걸
I’m so afraid
결국엔 너도 날 또 떠나버릴까
또 가면을 쓰고 널 만나러 가

[Post-Chorus: Jungkook]
할 수 있는 건
이 세상에
예쁜 너를 닮은 꽃을 피운 다음
니가 아는 나로 숨쉬는 것
But I still want you
I still want you

[Chorus: Jin]
어쩌면 그때
용길 내서 너의 앞에 섰더라면
지금 모든 건 달라졌을까

[Bridge: Jimin, Jungkook]
난 울고 있어
홀로 남겨진 이 모래성에서
부서진 가면을 바라보면서

[Outro: Jimin, Jungkook]
And I still want you
But I still want you
But I still want you
But I still want you

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About “전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)”

전하지 못한 진심, the 3rd track on Love Yourself: 轉 Tear, translates to “sincerity that couldn’t be delivered.” It references the smeraldo flower, a fictitious flower that BTS has been associated with on more than one occasion. Similar to how different flowers can mean different things, the smeraldo means “the truth I couldn’t tell,” according to the only flower shop that claims to sell it.

There are similarities between the lyrics of the song and “La Città di Smeraldo”, an Italian tale about a man who hides in his house because he’s afraid of showing himself. As he watches from the window, he falls in love with a woman stealing flowers from his garden to sell them. Trying to help her, he grows a special flower, the smeraldo, so that she can earn more money from it, but the woman dies before she is able to see it or meet the man. Several quotes from the original story are written in the teaser posters for the Love Yourself series.

  • Song Translations

  • What have the artists said about the song?

    In a recent interview with Billboard, BTS addressed their relationship with Steve Aoki and talked about his work on their newly-released album, Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’.

    “He seems like an amazing older brother,” Suga said, using the Korean word “hyung,” which implies a close relationship between the two parties. “And his passion for music was one of his many qualities that I respect.”

    BTS' J-Hope added that his favorite track on the album is the Aoki collaboration “The Truth Untold”. RM teased that the song wasn’t going to be EDM.

    The song proved to be a ballad featuring the group’s vocalists, which is a complete turnaround from last year’s “MIC Drop (Remix)” feat. Desiigner. That track became the boy band’s first-ever song to break into the top 40 of the Hot 100.

  • Where did the English translation of the lyrics go?

    English (including any other language) translations of K-pop lyrics are now done on a separate page and under the artist Genius Translations. “The Truth Untold” English translation is here. Likewise, the whole translation of the “Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’” album is here

  • What does this song mean?

    Check out the English Translation which has some annotations explaining the meaning.

"전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)" Track Info