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Do You Think?

Bobby Woody

Do You Think? Lyrics

Verse 1:
A tornado wasn't flying
I'm just really lazy

Oh I hate to admit it
But you're driving me crazy
And I love it sooo
Even if you love him more

I know I'm the guy you adore
But until you're all for this
You don't mind closing the door

Do you think? Yes I do
I'm thinkin bout you
Do you think? Yes I do
I swear I'm speaking the truth


Verse 2:
They'll call you bitch for sure
Even the ones that they claim whores

But promise me, I understand you
No I don't have a plan to
Keep you, but I love you

Wanna see you when your gone
Gone gone
Man a year a half, that ain't so long

Verse 3 (Tizzo):
I've got new memories
And they keep tryna kill you dead so they feeling like enemies
You was into me. I was into you
I would enter you without a millimeet in between us
For the dreamers, only option is infinity
But she broke my heart and every centimeet into mini me's
Where's the symphony?
It's a tragedy, but she can't be mad at me
Why we ain't end happily?
She wouldn't let me in, and it was sad to see
Cuz I was at the door and didn't have the key
I would ring the bell. "Go straight to hell" is what I heard as I knocked on the windowsill
Then I broke the door down, she hit her cell
I'm in the jail, I remember well

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About “Do You Think?”

Bobby puts his own spin on a soon to be classic. (Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”)
A few of the lines are written specifically to show that he’s still just a kid in high school.
You already know he’s thinking about you. Are you thinking too?

"Do You Think?" Track Info